LESA Playbook

Our Purpose

We exist to work toward the development of a complete and stable youth hockey program. The complete program should allow all individuals to participate at some level. The stability is derived by the Association's establishment of reasonable disciplinary standards for players, coaches, and fans. The display of personal respect and courtesy among all persons involved must always be maintained. Our goal is an acceptable, wholesome, sportsmanlike atmosphere.

The three basic concepts form the foundation of our program; in order of priority are: 

  1. Fun and Recreation. This is of first importance. Our mutual youth hockey program exists to provide a safe enjoyable experience for participants. If a player is having a good time, interest in a sport will deepen and develop. Fun and interest combine to create a learning environment.
  2. Learning. Learning becomes the logical extension of a safe enjoyable experience. We exist to encourage coaches, officials, and players to commit themselves to expand and widen the ability level.
  3. Competition.  Emphasis on competition is realistic and meaningful. Competition tests the ability level and challenges players and coaches to improve. We exist to provide opportunities of safe, controlled competition leading to respect of others’ abilities, the joy of participation, and the victory of improving one's skills.    

Overemphasis of competition is a negative experience we seek to avoid. "To win at all costs" creates an atmosphere of hostility toward opposing players and coaches, and a disregard of regulations which exist for the safety of players.

Lake Erie Sports Alliance has adopted the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy. This policy is designed to enhance the enjoyment for all those who participate in youth hockey. It is required that a sportsmanlike and educational atmosphere be maintained during and after all USA Hockey sanctioned games.  We encourage our members to abide by the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy.

LESA Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct Policy

Our organization is dedicated to promoting Fair Play and Respect for all participants. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed a unique Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct Policy that all parents must read, understand, and abide by throughout the year. By doing so, we hope to create a positive and safe environment for all participants.

(a)   I will prioritize my child's enjoyment of the sport over winning or success.

(b)   I will encourage my child to follow the rules and to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

(c)   I will teach my child that doing their best is more important than winning, and I will offer praise for their efforts regardless of the outcome.

(d)   I will not belittle or yell at my child for making mistakes or losing a game.

(e)   I will lead by example and show respect for all players, including those on opposing teams. I will refrain from criticizing or embarrassing any player.

(f)    I will never question the officials' judgment or honesty in public, recognizing that they are also developing in their role.

(g)   I will show appreciation for the volunteers who dedicate their time to the sport.

(h)   I will not engage in any abusive behavior, including yelling, taunting, threatening, or using vulgar language or slurs. I will support efforts to eliminate verbal and physical abuse from youth sports.

(i)    I will leave coaching to the coaching staff and support my child in a manner consistent with the team's strategy.

(j)    I will emphasize the importance of skill development and a serious approach to practices.

(k)   I will educate myself about the game of hockey, including rules, equipment, levels, and skills, in order to better support my child's development.

(l)    I will not throw objects on the ice or pound on the glass.

(m) I will communicate any concerns regarding inappropriate behavior to the team manager or coach.

(n)   I will prioritize my child's safety and support a sports environment that is free of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

(o)   I recognize the benefits of participating in a team sport, including commitment, discipline, and social skills.

(p)   I will remember that my child plays hockey for their own enjoyment, not for my own.

LESA Hockey Program's Code of Conduct for Players

1.    Don't use bad words or be mean to anyone on the bench, at the rink, or during any team event.

2.    Never get angry at the officials, even if you disagree with their call. Let the coaches handle any issues with the referees.

3.    If you get a penalty, go straight to the penalty box.

4.    Fighting is not allowed and could get you kicked out of the program for good.

5.    Don't drink, smoke, chew tobacco, or use illegal.

6.    Always behave in a respectful and appropriate way when you're at the rink, hotel, restaurant, or anywhere else with the team.

7.    If you break these rules, you could be disciplined or kicked out of the hockey program.

Our Ice

Taking Pride in Our Home

Our hockey association is one of very few in the country that is directly supported by the ice rink. And as a member of the association, YOU are a part of the rink. We don’t rent it or lease it from the LECOM Sports Park, and we have full responsibility for the maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep of it. As a part of the rink, it is each of our responsibly to take care of rink. After all, without the rink, we don't have this awesome opportunity!

For every game we play in our rink, we are inviting guests into our hockey home. Wherever they come from, our rink is the first thing they see when they arrive.  The parents won’t touch the ice, so what does that leave them to judge? The building and how clean it is, the condition of the locker rooms and friendliness of all of us. 

We hope that each of you will have a sense of pride when it comes to our building, keeping it clean and reminding younger children and siblings that it is not a playground. It is our hockey home, and we ask you each to do your part in keeping it looking nice and leaving it in better shape than was left to us.


There is no mandatory fundraising for LESA members. Throughout the year LESA will have opportunities to reduce your registration fees.


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